led by Nik Robson

As part of the Yin Culture team, I assist Nik Robson to roll out a growing annual season of Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings held in Indonesia and New Zealand. Below is a summary of what the training offers...

100 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Open to Yoga Teachers and Dedicated Students

The course is led by Nik Robson and assisted by Simon Lee, Aleks Nikolic and other Yin Culture graduates. We invite you to retreat from the world for 12 days to deepen your practice and learn the tools to share it with your community.

Morning workshops cover the 30+ Yin Yoga Asanas in detail along with simple yet powerful pranayama and meditation techniques from the Yoga Tradition. Longer evening masterclasses are a chance to experience signature Yin Culture sequences within a safely held space. The first half of the training focuses primarily on personal practice and inner transformation and the second half of the training focuses on learning the tools to teach from your own experience.

Lectures cover: Taoist philosophy. History of Yin Yoga. Key principles of Yin Yoga. Tantric Yoga Philosophy of Samkhya and Vinyasa Krama. Energetic maps of the Nadis, Prana Vayus and Chakras. Anatomy of the myofascial meridian lines. Sequencing Yin Yoga with pranayama and meditation. Cueing effectively and the art of holding space.

Experience the magic of community with group buffet meals, bonfires, kirtan, cacao ceremony and a group trip for a public Yin Yoga Sound Journey. There will be time for discussion, journaling and contemplative leisure to socialise and integrate.

Our Indonesia trainings are held at either maoMeno Resort, (Gili Meno Island) or Sunrise Paradise Resort, (Bali). We selectively choose our venues for their peaceful and natural settings with facilities to complement the training. The food is made with Ayurvedic principles and love. We also provide pure alkaline water to support the healing process.

On behalf of Nik, Simon and Aleks, it’s an honour to create this safe space for you to learn, heal and transform. Join the Yin Culture community of over 100 teachers around the world sharing the medicine of Yin Yoga. You will receive the Yin Culture manual and ongoing support via our online platform. Be the change. Remember who you are. Slow down. Tune in. Let go. Wake up. OM.

For information on upcoming trainings please email hello@yinculture.com

UPDATE: Our trainings that we're scheduled for 2020 in Indonesia have been postponed until 2021 due to international travel restrictions.