Simon is available for private sessions in person or online. He is currently based on Waiheke Island, New Zealand.

Sessions are an intuitive fusion of eastern and western thinking.

This can include counselling, coaching and mentoring techniques from the West, with Yoga, Ayurveda and spiritual philosophy from the east. Since arriving back on his home soil of Aotearoa he has been exploring the ancient wisdom of this whenua and the Māori people. This  includes the philosophies of Kaitiakitanga (guardianship) and Kotahitanga (unity).

Simon is not out to change you, nor does he feel it is his place to. He listens, and offers intuitive reflections based on his teachings and life experience. Simon prides himself on providing non judgemental safe space.

Some potential takeaways of a session include:

- Setting intentions / firm resolves (sankalpa)

- Setting of a practice to achieve desired resolves (sadhana) including yoga asana, pranayama techniques, food / lifestyle choices etc.

- An exploration of the inner child and what beliefs are still being carried from our early days on the planet

- Integration support post retreat / teacher trainings or larger life events​

- Introduction to ancient philosophical perspectives of who we are and why we are here.

Online sessions can be held via Skype, Zoom, or Audio/Video Call.

Sessions are based on availability, $108 NZD for 1 hour. Other currency payment options available. Each session comes with a followup email summary and action points. For more info or to book please email below...