Design Your Own Audio Course with Simon Lee

This model of audio course is designed for you to create your own experience by choosing from the range of modules listed below. Each module comes with a podcast style audio recording with written summary and worksheet.

Modules range based on Simons experiences and schools of thought, in particular Yoga and Ayurveda. The worksheet includes tasks, contemplations and further resources. The ‘Introduction’ module, as well as two others are offered free of charge for you to get to know Simon, and a feel for what this course could offer you! You can choose as little or as many modules as you feel relevant.

Per module cost $30 NZD

Private Sessions:

These can be added on to complement the online learning. A private session before beginning could be a good option to set a foundation / intention. It could also be beneficial post online learning to go over something of interest in more depth or tailored to you. For more information please see Private Session.

Private Session cost $108 NZD (1hr)

Package with Bonus Book

  • 10 Modules from list below

  • 2 x Private Session - 1hr each

  • 1 book to support the content after

Package Cost: $500 NZD


Module List

Introduction (included)

Simon's background, his teachers and how to approach this course.


Benefits explained, practices provided and tips given how and why to start a practice

Ayurveda and Yoga Introduction

Summary of what these are and how they relate to each other as “sister sciences”

Intention and Sankalpa

Power of belief, the mind, and introduction to a Sankalpa practice (firm resolve)

Yin Philosophy

What is Yin Yoga and Why do we practice. Both physical and metaphysical benefits explained

Yoga Energetics

Chakras and Prana Vayu uncovered (Energy centres and directions of energy travel)

Daily Routine 

Overview of Ayurvedic Clock with examples, a template and tips

Water (included)

One of my biggest teaching passions. So simple. So powerful.

Ayurvedic Constitutions and Food

Understand constitutional differences (incl. your own) and how this relates to food choices


Exploration of where we are exposed to toxins, how to reduce exposure and how to release from the body.

Plant Based Eating

My personal story and contemplative thoughts


What is conditioning (or limiting beliefs) and why is it important to de-condition

Kaitiaki (included)

Exploring the idea of ‘Guardianship’, and how this applies to our relationship with the land (as well as all things)

Ceremony and Intentional Space

How to create sacred space for inner work and the power of intentional ceremony


Power of music to heal. Comes with a playlist and guided meditation

Working with Deities

A summary of selected deities described, and how we can come to understand this philosophy


Theory of Sadhana (practice) and tips to create own for on and off the mat


Riding the waves. Exploring the concept that we're always where we are supposed to be

Who am I?

The big question. Teachings of Ram Das, Mooji and Ramana Maharshi explored

Why am I here?

The next big question. What is karma?